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When it comes to choosing an exterior product for your home, nothing surpasses the strength and everlasting beauty of true masonry. Being in the construction business for over 15 years, I've learned that there is a difference between bricklayers and masons. That is why when we built our house, John Wiesch Masonry was the only choice. Even though we were already familiar with John's reputation for reliable quality and professionalism, we were amazed to discover all of the design and architectural options not shown on our blue prints. After seeing the amazing job done on the exterior of our home (every brick and archtop are perfect), we gave John complete control over both fireplace designs, including the color of the mortar and stone. The fireplace is now the focal point of the entire house, and after many hours of relaxing and looking at the fireplace, there is always something new to appreciate. Our house would not be what it is if it wasn't for John Wiesch Masonry.

Sara Martire